Mortgage: Is Now the Time to Buy and Should I Worry About Paying My Mortgage Off?

Episode Summary

When is the best time to purchase a home? Should I be worried about paying off my mortgage if that is the only debt I currently have? These are the questions I cover in today’s episode.

Buying a home is a great investment. You are able to have a return on your investment when purchasing a home rather than losing money as you would when renting.

I know a lot of us either have the goal of owning a home, or we already do own a home, but sometimes I hear people say that they are debt free and want to know if the mortgage counts. So today I dive into all things mortgages: whether you should pay it off to be debt-free, when to buy a home and should you purchase now or wait until a “better” time.

In this episode I share:

  • When to know the best time to purchase a home
  • What happens if you wait to purchase a home until you are “ready”
  • How and when to pay off your mortgage
  • The effect of interest rates and home prices on purchasing decisions

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More About The Debt-Free CEO Podcast

Are you tired of getting yourself further into debt month after month? Does your mindset around money play a factor in your family’s spending? Do you struggle with knowing which debt to pay off first and how to keep yourself from going further into debt? Maybe you’re a freelancer who struggles with how much to pay yourself each month making it difficult to create a working budget.

In this podcast, you will learn ways to manage your finances to set you on the path to debt-free and on to financial freedom. 

I’m Megan Mendez, and I was a tired teacher needing to get out of debt to leave the classroom for good. In 2021, paid off $53,000 worth of debt in 12 months and started my freelancing business shortly after. I’ve been able to successfully pay myself as a  business owner and continue on the path to financial freedom and now I want to help YOU do the same! 

My hope is that this podcast gives you tactical tips to help you improve your finances and set you and your family’s future up for success. I hope you’ll join me as we journey to financial freedom together. 

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