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Crush your finance goals and build the business you love while doing it.

Money Coaching & Consulting for Freelancers

But you’ve got some debt, no financial plan, and feel dependent on how many hours you have to work to make a specific amount of money.  

Overcoming these challenges and creating the life in business you want is possible and I’m going to tell you how. 

Creating a business you’re passionate about and earning an income while you do it has been on your mind for a long time. 

This exact template and method are what I used to pay off $53,000 worth of debt in 12 months. Sign-up here to get it now!

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I was a tired teacher needing to get out of debt to leave the classroom for good. In 2021, paid off $53,000 worth of debt in 12 months and started my freelancing business shortly after. I've been able to grow a successful business to help me with my financial goals and now I want to help you!

I help moms, teachers, and freelancers use their passion to scale their businesses, go debt-free, and get more time back with their families. 

Hi, I'm Megan!