How to Structure Your Freelancing Business to Achieve Financial Confidence

Episode Summary

Today we’re talking about ways to structure your freelancing business so that you’re confident in your financial power. This episode is really going to talk about what are some things in your freelancing business that you can actually do and implement right now or moving forward that are really going to help your overall financial situation. I love freelancing because it provides so much flexibility and power. I feel like it’s talked about enough in the time freedom, home freedom, flexible work from home, that type, but it’s not always explained in layman’s terms, so to speak, on how you can really use and structure this business to be confident in your overall financial power. So that’s really what I want to talk about today. 

In this episode I share:

  • Charging Your Worth and Setting Boundaries
  • Importance of Contracts and Long-Term Agreements
  • Moving Away From Hourly Work to Project-Based
  • Creative Pricing Strategies for Virtual Assistants
  • Confidence and Clear Communication in Finances


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