I'm Megan- wife, girl mom, podcaster, & debt-free entrepreneur.

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In 2021, I made it my family's goal to officially go debt-free to take off some of the financial burdens as I stepped away from the classroom in pursuit of something more.

I started my freelancing journey in 2021, and quickly niched down into Social Media Management. I knew that trading time for money wasn’t in the cards for me as I was an expecting mother. We all know how hard/ nearly impossible it is to work full-time with a baby at home. That’s why I designed and scaled my packages the way I did, so I could earn a full-time income on part-time hours. 

If you're ready to start your freelancing business as you navigate the path to debt-free, make sure you grab my free training above, or shoot me an email. I would love to chat with you! 

As a classroom teacher doing a million side jobs working a ton of hours trying to pay off debt, I quickly learned that was NOT the life for me. 

In 2021, I was a tired-teacher, by 2022 I became a debt-free entreprenuer.

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